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For over 10 years, Chef Jabir Rasool has been turning traditional recipes into exquisite delicacies. Exquisite Dining & Catering LLC serves awe-inspiring multicultural cuisine infused with different culinary techniques, ingredients, and flavors from various cultures around the world that leaves our clients amazed and wanting more. The key to our success is Chef Rasool's commitment to creating dining experiences that are warm, comforting, vibrant and exciting. 

Although Exquisite Dining & Catering is based in Blythewood, SC, we travel across the country providing amazingly delicious meals for everyone we encounter with the most unique flavors from around the world, winning the hearts and stomachs of communities near and far.

Indulge Your Senses
With Chef Jabir Rasool

4709 Supper Club

Meet new people (or not) & try new foods as Chef Jabir Rasool serves a gourmet spread with the intimacy of a private affair.

Chef For a Day

Exquisite meals prepared by Chef Rasool for your family or group in the comfort of your own home or location of choice up to 10 hours.


 Catering services for trainings, conferences, retreats, corporate lunches and dinners, office holiday events and more.

Private Dining

Chef Rasool's signature date night 4-course plated meal experience perfect for an anniversary, birthday or special occasion.

Dinner Parties

Spend time socializing and mingling with your guests while Exquisitie Dining and Catering serves a gourmet spread.


Every wedding meal should be memorable. Let Chef Rasool help you plan an unforgettable menu that your guests will be sure to love.

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